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Harukaze Pop
Japanese Pop Harukaze
Kanji 春風ぽっぷ
English Caitlyn Goodwyn
Thai Paopao Chunfeng
Korean Do To-mi
French/German/Italian  Bibi Harukaze
Vital Stats
Race Human
Birthday Friday, September 9, 1994
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Sex Female
Eyes Pink
Hair Pink in feathery pigtails
Outfit Blue shirt, magenta skirt, blue and white shoes and light pink socks

Keisuke Harukaze (father)

Haruka Harukaze (mother)

Doremi Harukaze (sister)

Hana Makihatayama (Niece)

Fami (Future Grandniece)

Blood Type B
Likes her parents, her sister Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko, Hana, steak, piano, her boyfriends, Majo Rika
Dislikes Erika Tamaki, danger, failures, getting scolded by Doremi
Debut Ojamajo Doremi, Epiosde 1
Witch Apprenticeship
Theme Color Red
Became Apprentice Ojamajo Doremi, Episode 25
Crystal Red Four-Leaf Clover
Spell Pipito Purito Puritan Peperuto
Magical Stage Pipito Purito Hogarakani
Instrument Trumpet / Piano
Fairy Fafa
Japanese Sawa Ishige
English Liza Jacqueline
German Andrea Imme
German Sabrina Bonfitto

Pop Harukaze (春風ぽっぷ Harukaze Poppu) (Seiyu; Sawa Ishige), also known as Poppu Harukaze, known as Caitlyn Goodwyn in the English dub, is one of the seven witch apprentices of the series.



Pop's surname, Harukaze, means "spring breeze". Pop's name is probably just based off of "Pop", and pronounced "Poppu".


In the English dub, Caitlyn's name rhymes with her surname, Goodwyn, similar to how in the Japanese version, their mother, Haruka, has a very similar name to their surname, Harukaze.


Pop has short light pink hair and darker pink eyes. Her skin is pale, and she wears a light blue shirt with short puffy sleeves and a white string tied at the collar, a short dark magenta skirt, light blue shoes with white grips and ties, and light pink socks.


Pop is Doremi's younger sister. She is much more responsible than her sister, despite her age. She is very popular at school. Pop becomes a witch apprentice after witnessing Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko's Magical Stage in the middle of the first season. Pop's first poron was a Peperuto Poron, like Doremi, which was later upgraded early in Ojamajo Doremi #, allowing her to skip from level 10 witch apprenticeship to level 6 because she saved the Witch World from a flood of milk created by Hana. Like Hana, she only has one witch outfit. This is due to the fact that she usually cannot stay up late enough to participate in her tests.

In Ojamajo Doremi

In Ojamajo Doremi, Pop becomes a witch apprentice in episode 25 after she discovers that her sister Doremi and her friends Hazuki and Aiko are witch appentices. Her appearances of being a witch apprentice are quite limited and she never even gets to take the Level 9 Exam because she is so young and can't stay up late to take it. She aided Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko in the Magical Stage in episode 51 that would wake Onpu up after she used forbidden magic to erase people's memory of them finding out that all five of them are witch apprentices.

In Ojamajo Doremi Sharp

Pop gets another chance at becoming a witch apprentice and gets to take her Level 9 Exam. For her exam, she saves the Witch World from downing in an ocean of milk that Hana created due to her craving for milk by bottling it up in a giant bottle. She earns a fairy named Fafa and even gets to skip over the Level 8, Level 7 and Level 6 Exams, making her a Level 6 witch apprentice with her own Kururu Poron. During this season, she is also seen giving Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko and Onpu the occasional aid in raising Hana and helping out in the Flower Garden Maho-Dou.

In Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi

Pop remains in her first witch apprentice uniform and continues to take her witch apprentice exams. She also sometimes helps out in the Sweet House Maho-Dou with the other apprentices, despite the fact that she wasn't given the ability to transform into a Patissiere, and even takes care of Hana when necessary.

In Ojamajo Doremi Naisho

In episode 5 of the season, she is trying to potty train Hana and they get their bodies switched.

In Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!

When Hana became a 11-year old girl, Pop was at first jealous of Hana because she progressed so quickly through her witch apprentice exams. In episode 41 of the season, Pop finally becomes a full-fledged witch after four seasons.

Relationships with Other Ojamajos

Doremi Harukaze - As sisters, both fight often and are sometimes deeply annoyed with each other, yet both have confidence in each of them, and care for each other.

Hazuki Fujiwara - Hazuki is good friends with Pop, because Hazuki is responsible and hard-working like Pop.

Aiko Senoo - As Aiko is very athletic, Pop admires her, and Pop, who is a great deal more athletic than Doremi, matches this with Aiko, and both get along well.

Onpu Segawa - Pop admires Onpu very much because of her fame and success as a young idol, and Onpu takes this in easily.

Momoko Asuka - There is not much interaction that goes on between the two.

Hana Makihatayama - When Hana was a baby, Pop enjoyed her very much and loved taking turns taking care of her.

Witch Magic


Japanese: Pretty witch Poppu-chi!
Italian: Magi Magia Bibi!

Personal Spell

Japanese: Pipito Purito Puritan Peperuto
Spanish (Catalan): Pirito Prito Piritan Papalatu
French: Pipito Purito Peperuto
Italian: Magia della musica diffondi la vivacita!

Magical Stage

Japanese: Pipito Purito Hogarakani! Magical Stage!

French: Pipito Purito Joue de la trompette! Cercle Magique!



  • Pop's theme color is red, but her hair is pink. Doremi's theme color is pink, but her hair is red.

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