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Hana Makihatiyama
Hana Makihatiyama
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Hana as she appears in Ojamajo Doremi 16 Turning Point (2012).

Japanese Hana Makihatayama
Kanji 卷機山花
Thai Hua Juanjishan
Korean Oh Hana
French Flora Makihatayama
German Hannah Makihatayama



Vital Stats


Human (Dokka~n!)


Saturday, March 25, 2000

Sex Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde tied in two pigtails with white hairclips shaped like feathers
Outfit White sleeveless shirt with flower decorations, blue jean shorts, and peach and white shoes.

Doremi Harukaze (Mother),Tetsuya Kotake (Father), Hazuki Fujiwara (Mother),Masaru Yada (Father), Aiko Senoo (Mother), Onpu segawa (Mother), Momoko Asuka (Mother), Kotaro Okajima (Father), Queen of the Witch World (Mother),Pop Harukaze (Aunt), Twin Sister (Light Novel)

Blood Type A
Likes Doremi and her friends her "mamas", Poppu, Pudding, Magic, The fairies, Majo Rika, Onpu's song, Playing, Her friends Atarimeko, Teki and Tekipaki, swimming, steak, Oyajiide, milk, butterflies, dragonflies, helping others, her teachers, dogs
Dislikes Danger, Boredom, getting lectured, getting upset, carrots, seeing others sad, Tamaki Reika, being bully, Teki and Tekipaki during wrong doings, the former queen's predecessor, fighting and violence
Debut Ojamajo Doremi Sharp, Episode 1
Theme Color White
Became Apprentice Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!, Epiosde 1
Crystal White Sphere
Spell Pororin Pyraron Hana Hana Pii
Magical Stage None
Instrument Hana's Accordion
Fairy Toto
Japanese Ikue Ohtani
Italian Jolanda Granato
Spanish Ana San Millan
French Fily Keita
German Nicola Grupe

Hana, also known as Hana-chan or Makihatayama Hana in the human world, is one of the main characters in Ojamajo Doremi. She is the final member of the main 6.



Hana was named by the girls. Her first name, Hana, means "flower" or "favorite", because she was born from a rose in the Witch Queen's royal garden.

Her surname, Makihatayama, is based off of the name Maki Hatayama, and it is also Majo Rika's surname. Maki means "true chronicle/record", "true hope", "true precious", or "true timber trees". Hatayama means "treasure".


Hana Makihatayama in Sharp! (Season 2) wears a pink onesie with pink shoes. She has blonde hair and light brown eyes. She performs magic by means of a hair-tie enfused with magic orbs (or crystals). Her hair is tied up into a pigtail on the top of her head.

For some of Motto! (Season 3), Hana looks exactly the same as she did in Sharp!. Though later on, in an episode, Hana is brought to the human world and is babysat by Momoko Asuka while the other girls are in the witch world. Later, after the other girls return and reunite with Hana, Hana attempts to show her "mothers" a somersault. After failing, Doremi Harukaze puts her hair in pigtails. This is how she stays until Dokkan! (Season 4)

In Dokkan!, Hana is in the Witch Kindergarten (where young witches go to learn how to use their powers) and she is speaking with the nurses. They refuse to let Hana see her mothers, so she uses magic to transform into an 11-year-old girl. She wears her hair in pigtails, which are tied with regular hairbands that are decorated with small white wings. She wears denim shorts, a white tank top with flowers, and orange shoes.

She is also featured in Na-i-sho (a 13-episode sidestory season to Mo~tto!).


Hana is a baby born from the Witch Queen Rose, a large blue flower in the Witch Queen Garden that produces a new baby every 100 years as successor to the throne. Hana is given to Doremi to be cared for after she stumbles across her. In Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi, the Queen from two reigns ago puts a curse on Hana, causing her to hate vegetables,which are crucial to her health. In Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!, she decideds to transform herself into an 11-year-old so she could attend school with her "mothers" and takes on the name of Hana Makihatayama. Of all her "mothers", Doremi's personality is more apparent in her. She often abuses her magic powers and made troubles for other ojamajos to fix them.


Hyper, effervescent, and often mischevious, Hana is childish and sometimes abuse magic. Since she is the only one who can use magic without saying a spell, she makes one up for fun. Being well-intentioned, sensitive, friendly, loving, and tender, she has excellent leadership skills.


thumb|300px|leftHana acts very eager and energetic when doing her transformation in Dokkan. She needs help from all of her "mothers" to energize her transformation mirror and witch costume bag.

Her pose is when she is in a running pose.


  • Ikue Ohtani, the voice of Hana, used her famous Pikachu voice from Pokémon while playing the role of Hana.
  • Hana calls herself "Hana-chan-chi" in her transformation sequence, instead of saying "Hana-chi". This is due to her being used to Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko and Pop calling her "Hana-chan" instead of just "Hana".
  • Hana is notably the least liked character out of the main 6.
  • By an internet site she is the daughter of Queen of the Witch World.

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