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Baba is Majo Tourbillon's fairy.


Baba has long reddish-brown hair and wears a pink pointed hat that somewhat resembles a medieval princess'. Her outfit consists of a dark red top with a large light pink collar on its hem and neck and a pair of puffy darker pink pants. She also wears two violet bands on both of her wrists and a gold choker.


Throughout the series, Baba is shown to be haughty and proud, even going as far as to add the prefix -sama at the back of her name in the Japanese dub, demonstrating her arrogance. Baba is also hot-tempered, often returning to her chest when she is angered by, mostly, Hana and Doremi. She is also somewhat hypocritical, always acting sweet and kind in front of the queen when she visits and almost immediately after the queen leaves, returning to her lazy and overbearing attitude. She also refuses to give any information to Doremi and her friends unless they give her Cola in exchange, much to Doremi's annoyance. However, once, Baba offers to help Doremi herself after seeing how hard she worked with her friends to awaken the queen from her deep slumber. Despite this, Baba is shown to genuinely care about Majo Tourbillion, expressing her anger at the her six grandchildren who left her even after her kindness to them.


The former queen, Majo Tourbillion, married a male human and together, they had a son who had six children, otherwise, her grandchildren. The grandchildren's mother died early, so the queen became their caretaker. The queen was kind to her grandchildren and acted like a true mother towards them, often giving them handwoven gifts. However, as the queen's grandchildren grew up, they started noticing that the queen had not aged as fast as them. Not knowing that ahe was a witch, they viewed her as some kind of monster and hated her, later leaving her on her own. The queen, however, held it in and continued staying at the human world. But when her beloved son passed away, the queen informed his six children of their father's death, but none of them came. The queen was deeply hurt and returned to the Witch World. Not wanting the other witches to experienced what she had went through, she cut off all her relations from the human world and casted the curse of the magic frog. The queen then returned to the place she loved, the Love Supreme Forest and shut Baba in her wedding chest which contained her feelings for her grandchildren and her precious treasures. After this, the forest became cursed and the queen fell into a deep sleep.

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